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I feel like writing a journal entry, so, hello out there. Hello world. Or more specifically, hello deviantART. c:

Hmm, what has been going on...? Well, right now it's after 2AM. I should be going to sleep, but this feels more fun at the moment.

However, too bad my body is in PAIN!! :angrytard: I really hurt myself at Taekwondo last Thursday. I need to ask my teacher why it's happening because my theory is: if it hurts, I'm probably doing it wrong. It was when I was practicing knife blocking with my partner. (not real knives, lol) My arm kept hurting whenever he blocked it. ...hmm... But besides that, I'm glad I'm taking Taekwondo again. I still miss my old school, but maybe one day I'll be able to go to a fancier one. In the meantime, I'm going to take my time earning a black belt. I don't want to get to a new rank until I feel confident at my current rank. In Taekwondo, Confidence = Power! Learning forms/patterns is my favorite part. It's so meditative and powerful to master. I also like basics because it's fun to hit targets with all my might. My least favorite things to do are sparring and self-defense because that usually involves pain. Maybe I should force myself to choose the flight over fight instinct. (I wonder, is that possible? hahaha) But that's okay, I can take it. I'll just be too sore to do anything else for the rest of the week. lol:scared:

In other news, I'm feeling so happy with how my Korean is turning out. I was kind of in a slump in January when things just weren't making sense. The grammar is completely different from English (of course), but after talking and writing without worrying so much about being correct, the practice and corrections I got from others made me start to recognize it even more! That's the thing about learning languages: you have to use it to learn it. Back when I learned Spanish in school, it wasn't fun or useful because I never used it outside of class. (And don't even get me started with Latin. Why did I even take that?!)

Anyway, I owe a lot of my thanks to the friend I Skype with. She's a great teacher! She described that learning something is kind of like a line chart. At times, it'll feel flat; nothing will make sense and you'll feel like you can't learn any more than what you already know. Then, all of a sudden, things will start to click and you'll realize you understand more than you thought you did! I'm at that point right now, I think. I should take advantage of this and write as much as I can before I hit that slump again, haha. I've been kind of sloppy with my journal entries, though. Still, I wrote six this month, which is an improvement since I used to only write 3-4 a month. My goal is to be able to write at least 4 days a week. But I have to get better first so that it doesn't take as long.

I feel proud of myself. Sometimes, I go back to the notes and journals I wrote a few months ago and recognize my own mistakes. And now, I can read some sentences without needing translations, and can listen to people speak on a movie and not need subtitles to get what the conversation may be about. It's a great feeling, this understanding!
Other than learning Korean, I have a lot of fun teaching and helping people learn English. It got me thinking about what it might take to become an ESL teacher. I'm not sure what degrees I'd need to become one, but for now, I can at least help those who help me with Korean for the fun of it.

I'm now going to reveal a secret. I'm actually... going... to start commissions!!! I know, I'm surprised at myself too. I actually spent the whole day yesterday writing down an info sheet with everything I need to start. It's kind of scary and I'm nervous to start because I've actually been taking a much-needed break from art for a month now. But since I had a lot of fun drawing the past few drawings I've uploaded on here, I figure there's no harm in trying.
Besides, I gotta push myself to try it, even if it's just once. I always find myself thinking "I wish I could do commissions, but I don't know how to start." Well, the first step is to plan it! And I'm done with that step. Secondly, I'm actually going to sell adoptables before I do commissions because I need a few more examples to show for the guide. Not to mention that I could use some last-minute practice before I jump in. Chances are high that no one will commission me, but I'd rather feel prepared and have nobody to draw for than to accept commissions and not feel up to the challenge. But that's just me.

Anyway, talking about art is a bit more draining for me than talking about Taekwondo or Korean, so I'll leave it at that.
And would you look at the time, it's 3AM. "Oops~" (no, really, oops. ;; )


P.S. I don't know what this is, but it's on the side of my journal and it's freaking me out: Clem Epic face halp
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  • Drinking: Nothin' but net! I mean water. Nothin' but water.

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